Get the skills needed to ace 
your job interview
Represent the best version of yourself On Video Calls
What You'll Learn:
Shot Setup
Learn how to set up your shot so 
that your presence, authority and personality are amplified.
Understanding Tech
Precautions to take to mitigate tech issues that may arise, and how to handle them if they do.
Craft Your Message
How to craft your message using stories to highlight your attributes. This is a critical step to your success!
Story Telling
How to deliver that message in a compelling and authentic way.
Dealing With Adversity
How to handle mistakes and flubs when they do happen.
Practice, Practice
Tips on how to practice and improve each day.

What are people saying about this course?

"Kerry Barrett's tips on conducting yourself via video have proved invaluable to my students. She makes it easy to understand how to set up the perfect shot and appear in a professional manner when interviewing. That can be a nerve-wracking process, but Kerry's advice helped them feel prepared and ready to make the best impression possible.  I would tell anyone worried about interviewing via video to take this course and learn the steps for appearing your best on camera, and building your message so it comes across well. Kerry is a real pro and her advice is invaluable for those wanting to stand out a crowd." 

Ryan H. Academic Support Counselor
"Young people assume they know everything about technology. While that confidence is great, it can also get them in a lot of trouble. Kerry Barrett's course on how to properly use video to ace interviews helps them navigate pitfalls they may not have even known exist. She not only guides the audience through proper use of technology and equipment, but she uses her background in broadcast to help them improve the image and persona they present on camera. She guides them through everything from what to wear to how to handle any question. She covers all the bases." 

Libby M.

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  •  Video Course Content - Simple, digestible lessons and modules designed to get right down to business and improve your skills
  • Course Workbook - Keep track of your notes, tips and links to teach gear
  • Exclusive access to our private Facebook Group - Network with other students and ask Kerry questions
  • ​Practice Tips to elevate your skills
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